Questions from Documentary Application

Last month I applied (late) to be apart of a PBS documentary: Summer Teaching Exchange in China. I was not selected to be one of the two participants, but I did have fun answering the questions on the application. Here is a few of the questions and my, abridged, answers.

What is your work history? I have worked all my life. From John’s Vehicle Detailing (AKA Car Wash) when I was 11 to various forms of consulting and marketing throughout college.

Please briefly explain why you want to go to China, what you hope to gain from the experience, and what you would contribute to the documentary: I think traveling is one of the most important things you can do in life. It’s sad that most people only begin to travel after retirement because I believe the more you expose yourself, the more you experience, the more you push your comfort zone, the stronger your character. I want to go with you to China because I hope to do just that. I am an energetic, inquisitive, and passionate person. I truly want to understand Chinese culture, society, people and the like. Furthermore, if in return I can help educate/expose others to the same sensation and growth… that’s awesome and something I hope to do my entire life.

What is the best part of traveling for you? Understanding how other people/cultures/communities live and think, through interaction.

Have you ever experienced “Culture Shock?” If so, please describe the circumstances and how you handled it. I don’t believe I have. I trust my propensity to be open-minded and tolerant helps me deal with uncomfortable situations of culture and way-of-life without negative consequences.

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