Why I blog.

My friend and former roommate, the great Kyle Keller, ask me a few questions about blogging the other day. I enjoyed responding. Thanks Kyle.

1. How would you describe your blog (what do you blog about?):

I generally blog on topics that are of interest to me. For example: social networks, social and collaborative software, surveillance, identity and reputation systems, social entrepreneurship, semantic web, mobile communication, and the like. My blog is not a “how am I feeling” blog. I try to present all posts and content in a quasi-professional manner.

2. What software do you use? Why do you use it (what features does it have that other software might not)?

I use WordPress 2.0, installed on my server. WordPress is an absolutely amazing, as wordpress.org calls it, “semantic personal publishing platform.” The administrative interface is killer; think Windows XP vs. OS X. Additionally, the WordPress user base is enormous and very active, resulting in thousands of easy to install skins and plug-ins.

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