Dragons of Eden

About 5 years ago, the summer before I started college, I asked my Uncle Jorge what books he recommend I read. We were in his office so he took a look at his massive collection and started handing me one after another. Today, I’ve been sitting outside rereading one I never finished: Dragons of Eden, by Carl Sagan.

Came in to get some water. Here are a few take aways, thus far:

  1. “My fundamental premise about the brain is that its workings–what we sometimes call ‘mind’– are a consequence of its anatomy and physiology, and nothing more.”
  2. And, in the same paragraph: “…absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”
  3. If the lifetime of the universe (Big Bang to present | 15B years) was compresses into the span of a single year… we’d have, well, this

Choose Happiness

Synthetic happiness is the same as the real thing. Huge choices don’t make that big a difference. We’re usually going to say this was the right one anyway. If we have too many choices we’re going to blame our selves for not choosing the right one. Reminds me of Blink (The Power of Thinking with out Thinking).

Too many choices can result in stagnation. Just choose and be happy.