How I came to love Zune

It’s not about anything. It’s creativity. It’s design. Beauty. Positivity. And, it’s associated with Microsoft’s Zune. Therefore Zune must also be those things. ? I’m not sure, but that seems to be the idea — and I love it:

I prob. still won’t buy one, but I do love ’em OR do I love agency:collective and the fact that they “get it.”

Marketing to Millenials


I saw this billboard today and it really rubbed me the wrong way – it’s ridiculous. Maybe I’m missing something, but seeing it made me think “people just don’t understand.”

While I’m not a fan of sagging pants, how does sagging hurt anyone? It seems like this group is trying to create a correlation between wearing your pants low and a lack of self respect? I don’t see it. To me, this is an older generation trying to force their views/believes on a younger generation they do not understand.

As a millennial, here’s my advise (this is also part of what I wrote to the people who paid for the billboard):

Demanding conformity will never work, telling people (especially youth) not to do something will never work. Empower us, lift us up by the things we are doing right. Romanticize a positive life and those who are leading one. Tell us stories about them – stories are how we relate, stories are our language, stories are how our friends talk. Tell us stories and tell us good stories that make us say “wow,” that make us feel impressed. Tell us lot of stories. We hear many each day from our friends and from music, you have to create the opportunity for us to hear the positive ones. Parents can tell these stories in person, if your not a parent or friend, then help make positive, empowing stories available to our us. Available for our awareness to pick up. Use your billboard, a story can be one sentence that I can relate to. Perhaps, “so-and-so donates X to charity.” Romanticize. Pull, not push. Just as long as that so-and-so is someone I already respect, you’ve done good. It’s about taking things I already understand or respect and telling me something positive with them. It’s like co-branding. It’s like relationship marketing. It’s a trust network. Try it.