Cut the chitchat – carry a dossier everywhere!

Reading a post at titled Deep, Meaningful SMALL Talk, made me remember one of the reasons I started blogging and making information about myself public: If I blog consistency and others do the same then perhaps we’ll reduce then need for general confab, allowing me/us to get talking about something of value asap.

Online profiles help, but not in real time. I wish that when I met a new person they could just pass me some sort of beefed-up “about me” that included their backgroud, job, goals, education, etc. Having to ask questions to get that information can really take a while – and most of the time we don’t have it. What else would that document include?

Yanticaw Brook Street

I’m at my parent’s house in San Antonio. It’s good to spend time with the fam. I’ll be here till after the new year.

So far: My dad is restoring a ’78 280Z for my cousin (today we he painted it red). We went to the Tractor Supply store yesterday to get some cat food, but the cats won’t eat it. Went to movies with my mom – Juno is wonderful – so is my mom. Ate tons of homemade pizza tonight (I’ll prob have it for breakfast). Stayed up till 5am last night talking to my dad. I haven’t showered in two days, but I’m still flossing.

Even though my mom is on Twitter, uses Radar and loves to spy on all my cousins with Facebook and MySpace, they don’t have internet – she always uses my grandma’s (who also uses Radar and wants me to set her up with a Facebook account) – so I’ve been tethering my Sprint Mogul with my laptop. Turns out it works awesome.

One of many takeaways from being here: Maintain your daily routines wherever you are.

Goodbye Netvibes. Hello (again) Google Reader.


I love Netvibes. Their culture is great and their product is slick. I have been using the service since damn near the day it was released. I have everything setup, all my tabs just how I like ‘em… oh well. With some quick ‘porting of my OPML file I was ready to go — painless. Here is why I switched to Google Reader:

  • I no longer need to run Meebo in a Netvibes tab (thanks to AIM integration in Gmail).
  • I cannot view Netvibes on my mobile.
  • New social features in Reader are great (watch for more of these from big G).
  • All my geek friends use it.
  • The Trends feature is awesome.

Perhaps it’s just the fun of using a new tool, or maybe it’s the Reader’s likeness to Gmail and my compulsion to always bring my inbox to zero, but if I leave the tab open I’m finding myself having to scrolling through the “All Items” list just to bring it to zero again. This is tricky, Scoble alone has shared something like 60 items just today. How do you people deal with this?

Information addiction. eek