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Great day today.

Worked at Austin Java on Lamar with the guys and got the start of a new Conjunctured website mostly figured out. Along with some financial details and goals — which btw are to actively pursue new clients and have our coworking space — uh, asap. We’re looking for a space (downtown or the east side) and people who are down to work in it. We are totally pimping the model of our peeps Indy Hall and New Work City.

Got to have a brilliant conversation with my old Digital Identities professor, Christoph Engamann, about Austin, Conjunctured, innovation, openID vs M$ cardspace, startup communities, and the furtue of identity. WOW. This was important because I talked with Dick Hardt this week about managing the creation of/developing a plan for openID’s core messaging platform. – I couldn’t be more excited about this! This really deserves it’s own post soon. What does openID mean to you? It’s “the ID you own,” says Christoph.

After this, I rode with Eric to CycCorp headquarters for a meetup arranged by JohnDeO. There, I saw a demo of a semantic firefox plugin – honestly i didnt understand it. Michael Bergman, CEO of Zitgist LLC, gave a demo of Umbel – which is “A lightweight, subject concept reference structure for the Web” – I was blown away and that’s just scratching the surface of what Cyc can do.

There really is a large semantics community in Austin, I’m trying to get everyone together – if you’re in Austin and remotely interested in the semantic web (web 3.0), send me an email – this is a great group that will blow your mind.

Steve Reed gave a short presentation on his “open source project to create an artificial intelligence.” JohnDeO is one of the smartest guys I know. Tonight he said Steve was the smartest guy he knows…. What he is working on it will change the world.

When I got home I had an invite to Nova Spivack’s twine waiting for me – Thank you. ~5000 people on twine. Not really sure what i’m supposed to do. Share stuff in a place where none of my friends are? Nice tags though ??

The overall theme for today was a term JohnDeO uses often: Intelligence Amplification. It’s “AI” flipped to IA – it’s a great descriptor for what the semantic web and openID can do for us.

People to meet in Austin / set meetings with

Last edit – July 1

Some of these folks I’ve met and some I have not… now to have meetings with them regarding the development of Austin’s startup community, the Conjunctured coworking space, the plan for a Startup District, etc.


Gov types

  • Dawanna dukes – starte rep for the district that covers east austin
  • Sheral cole – councel. east side revitalization process
  • Lee Leffingwell, Council Member Place 1
  • Mayor Will WynnDone
  • Rosalinda Jalifi – economic growth and redevelopment services, small business development program
  • Brewster McCracken –
  • Eve Richter – Economic Development


more to come! i’m past my bed time to get 6hrs… more politicos, angels, law, realestate … need to look at old business cards

Leadership Austin – AH! Baby Boomers

“insert pic of persons age 44-62” 🙂

Last weekend Thom Singer invited me to be apart of a panel. The topic was Boomers and how they will be affecting the Austin area. Here are some things I took away:

  • There needs to be an app that shows everyone (people my age especially) a time line of their life. down to saying, “this is when your parents will die and this is when you will die…” This sounds kinda drag but it’s important stuff to know and think about. We need to be thinking about what were going to do to take care of out parents and/or close friends. Unless we think about these things now, we’re bound to be unprepared. I think this can be done with a web or facebook app. – I lots of ideas about this that I’ll spare you.
  • When asked where they want to retire, the majority of the Boomers in the room said in a community of others like them… it was the “we’ll be old ladies together” line. “Grow old on the porch swing,” kinda thing. There needs to be a way to connect these people boomers. My take was they need to be better educated in technology so they can use social media to find each other, see who their neighbors are. The joke here was “Geriatricbook.” Also, if something like this was to exist it cannot be termed a social network. That phrase is ingrained in everyone’s minds as a kids toy. grrr
  • The conversation was purposefully broad. There absolutely needs to be more talk about this and it needs to be done with statistics, demographics, all the breaks downs on the board. People were talking from their own bubbles, their own experiences – the percentages need to be put on the board and it needs to be determined how one side can help the other.

Thanks again for the invite Thom. And thanks Jon.