First night at DEMOfall08

Bryan Solis and Nova Spivack – chatting with the Cerego guys about the Singularity Summit and the SciVestor Workshop

San Diego is such a great city. I’m excited to be here at the DEMO conference. Melissa and I registered tonight and ended up hanging out for much longer than we had originally planned. We just kept seeing great people! Particularly the guys from Cerego.

Combining cognitive science with the social and collaborative structure of the web, Cerego empowers people to learn faster, remember longer, and manage their knowledge.

They run I haven’t played around too much with the service, but from talking with Andrew, Eric, and Kirk, I’m sold. Looking forward to really checking it out — they have a quarter million users in Japan and are now starting to opening up to the english speaking world. Their demo is Tuesday, right before Nova’s panel.

More to come! 🙂


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