Aneesh Chopra, America’s CTO, talks to Stanford — has an aside on immigration which I really like

As America’s first Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra talks about what America is doing from within the White House to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

At 16:00 Aneesh talks about America’s broken immigration system. Though it’s just an aside in his talk, I’m impressed he addresses the issue head on, lists associated problems accurately and follows with potential solutions that are being discussed.

They are good solutions too, including giving a green card to those who complete a masters or phd (in specific fields) at a US school and the startup visa program (raise money, hire Americans, get a visa).

He also said Obama called a discussion on the topic recently. Because Aneesh seems to be at least saying the right things about immigration (and from the rest of his talk so far seems like a very bright guy) that might also mean that the president and the other people in that discussion might actually be considering the things Aneesh is talking about—which would be great.

More on immigration reform at 48:20 and thanks to Mathias for reminding me of these podcasts.

@23:00 Aneesh talks about Value-Based Healthcare (as opposed to Volume Based, explained around 20:30) and how (open) data can/will/should, for example, help doctors decide who they should see that day based on need and not on potential for income. Imagine data aiding with that decision making. He’s saying the government is offering incentives or bonuses for keeping people healthy, thus encouraging this “value-based” care as opposed to “volume-based.”

Addressing healthcare (or energy or education for that matter) with a startup is so awesome and I love that Aneesh is on a roadshow to talk about it and promote it. This type of thing is why I love what Aza and crew are doing with

38:30: Great examples of people/startups working on these things using government data, etc