Pretty sure my iPhone is a goner.

Pretty sure my iPhone is a goner.

I have 16 days left on my original one year hardware warranty from Apple, but since that’s only valid in the America (*fail*) I guess what I’m going to do is buy AppleCare to extend my warranty… and take the dumb thing to the Apple Store in Austin when I get to town.

This is basically my situation: “i tried the power/home combo, tried the home/up-volume/power combo, each done multiple times, none worked. i knew the phone was working because i could play songs, it rang / vibrate when i used another phone to call it, and itunes detected it, i even could back it up. the only problem is, the whole screen is white and i cant see anything else.

so, i decided to restore it on itunes. now, restore is done. and the screen is still white. ”

I really wish I could get this thing fixed myself. From this post I thought it was just a connector that finally rattled loose from me dropping my phone all the time, but, after taking the thing apart, I think it’s a busted LCD.

I could try taking the LCD off to check more connections, but doing requires breaking a sticker that will for sure void my warranty. I could also ship it to American before my one year warranty expires and beg one of my friends to take it to the Apple Store, but that would cost prob 50 bucks and I would just get it from them when I got there myself. Might as well just buy the AppleCare. Alas. What will I do without an iPhone?

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  1. UPDATE: Apple rep just extended my broken iPhone’s 1 year warranty because I won’t be stateside when it expires. That means I’ll (hopefully) be getting a brand new replacement iPhone when I return home!

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