Tom says: “hiring myspace developers”

From Tom, the founder of MySpace, via the MySpace Bulletin Board:

Jun 23, 2006 3:10 PM

i want to hire some more .net developers to work on myspace. do you have experience? here’s what i need:

Required Skills/Experience:
– 3+ years of solid C Sharp experience
– 3+ years of ASP.NET (and the .NET 1.1 Framework) experience
– 4+ years of experience developing with SQL Server 2000 (including stored procedures)
– Strong knowledge of several protocols (including HTTP, TCP/IP, and UDP)
– a solid foundation in n-tier, Business Objects, Design Patterns, and general OOP
– Strong knowledge (and wisdom) of IIS6 and its internals
– Experience on sites under heavy loads that require meticulous attention to coding practices as they relate to performance and scalability

go here to upload a resume: myspace developers

please dont upload anything about any other job at myspace. i’m only posting this to find .NET developers!

oh yah, you’ve got to live in, or move to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! yeehaw!

Original Bulletin (mySpace account require)

Does this mean the largest and, in my opinion, worst social network is finally going to get better? I sure hope so. I’m getting like 5 spam friend requests per day.

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