80808 – Podcast with Chris Messina and Larry Halff

San Francisco is great so far. It seems like everytime I visity NYC I make a trip to SF soon after — and it reminds me how NYC is fun, but SF is just a little more down to earth, a little more like Austin and thus my second favorite city in the US: Austin, SF, NYC.

The night before I left I pinged Chris Messina. An hour after I got off the plane, I met up with Chris and Larry Halff of Ma.gnolia and recorded a podcast with them for Citizen Garden.  Here are the goods on the cast:

We’re joined by John Erik Metcalf for a discussion about identity inside and outside of walled gardens, EAUT, tribalism, the usability of OpenID, and recomposable identity.

Ready to listen? Click.

(Yes, we are releasing Episode 8 on 08-08-08!)

Visit Citizen Garden on Ma.gnolia

I’m now off to the Snaptalent/DISQUS party with Melissa.

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