Asia timeline till end of year

Here is a little timeline including some events that have already taken place:

  • July 7-21 Melissa and I toured Vietnam – including: Ho Chi Minh City/Sigon, Na Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa.
  • July 30-Aug 7th we went to Singapore to spend some time with my uncle who manages Asia Pacific for JMJ Associates. He’s great, learned about his business just hanging around there.
  • Aug 7th until December 18, Melissa will remain in Hong Kong (more on that in a sec).
  • Aug 7th – Sept 13th I’ll be in Hong Kong I’m going to take most of my time here working on personal projects, trying to meet as many interesting people as possible, see what the startup culture is like, and prepare for my upcoming studies.
  • September 13th until December 10th I’m enrolled at Beijing Language and Culture University for a short semester – 5 hours a day of Chinese language instruction and 1 hour of private tutoring per day. I’ll either be living in a dorm with a Chinese roommate or in a home stay. Either option will be fun.
  • After the new year there will likely be some time in Hong Kong to wrap things up, but the current plan is move up to Shanghai sometime in Jan or Feb and join the guys at 88 Spaces Coworking.

When are you coming to visit?! 🙂

It’s going to take awhile to get a grip on what’s going on in Asia overall, but I’m having fun figuring it all out. I really like it here (HK), I’m excited to study Chinese in Beijing, and I’m looking forward to working with Markus and Lucas on 88 Spaces in Shanghai.

When are you coming to visit?????

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