Startups in Hong Kong

I’m finally starting to settle in here in Hong Kong. Melissa has started her work at Interactive Brokers. Since there are no coworking spaces here(!), I’m working from a Starbucks.

I’ve started looking up Hong Kong startups, entrepreneurs, etc. to start meeting with. Here is what I’ve found so far:

  • Hong Kong Startup Association – This is really cool. Their about page has a list of Objectives. They are along the lines of what I see Startup District doing for Austin, once it’s officially functioning as a not for profit. It looks like HKSA is just getting off the ground, so I’m hoping to discuss with them how they will run the organization, how/if it’s funded, what real-world activities they will be hosting.
  • 852Signal – A tech blog run by Angus Lau covering web2.0 in Hong Kong. Would be cool to meet this guy.
  • Web Wednesday HK – Tech networking group started by Napoleon Biggs, I have a feeling they meet on Wednesdays… I’ll definitely hit this up.

Something I’ve noticed at a couple of these websites is that they have a list of the startups in Hong Kong on a side bar or on a separate page. Granted, it’s only about thirty names long, it’s a great thing to do.

I haven’t figured out what VC firms have a presence here. Or what they state of funding is.

Overall I’m a bit surprised more sites don’t come up when I search “hong kong startups” or “honk kong venture capital” or “early stage investing hong kong.” It does, however, make me appreciate how great is what I great job Bryan Menell has done over the years to keep up coverage in Austin.

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  1. Hi John, I stumbled upon your blog via google when I was looking for “coworking space” in HK. Have you found a place to work now? Hope you enjoyed Web Wednesday, maybe we had met already.

  2. i just learned about coworking and came across this page when i was looking into HK groups. i usually just set up in a coffee shop somewhere, but are there any places where people get together – even just one particular coffee shop or something? sounds like a good resource

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