Billionaires that are worth sometime

Though I cry at the sight of near altruism, I have never had a hero. I may never have one and that’s ok. However, as I have said before I would like to find a group who I aspire to be among the ranks of. I have begun looking for this group. In the meantime, I decided on an easy faction to checkout.

Not all outrageously rich people are alike. To inspire me, to make my list you have be worth something. What does that mean? Well, you have to use your money and/or power for the good of mankind. Yes, many normal people do this, but when you are a billionaire the need to do/be this is much greater, because your power is greater. In fact, I would say it goes both ways, if you are not making a difference you are even worse. Sorry, but to me that is something that goes along with being super rich, a celebrity, a president, a leader –

I’m going to start the list today and add to it slowly, I might do a post on each person:

  1. Jeff Skoll (ebay)

Up for consideration:

  1. Google Guys
  2. Bill Gates
  3. John Edson (Bayliner Marine Corp.)
  4. Ikea Old Guy

Any advise? Need more outside the US.

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