Centralized Identity Management

Services like this are, I believe, just the start of.

I believe social networks are the catalyst for the gradual move towards centralized identity management. Maybe I’m using the term Social Network too loosely, but I’m not sure there is descriptor yet for what I’m attempting to express. Maybe we can fill it in:

  • online identity
  • information integration
  • networks, groups

The “networking” part is only a drop in the puddle. It’s the idea of centralized management of your online identity AND all the information and resources that are pertinent to you.

It’s the unity of services like start.com or google.com/ig with Facebook or MySpace. It’s all the data and the resources on your computer, its all your pictures, its everywhere you leave your mark in cyberspace, its your bookmarks. …If it is all that, is it also you credit score, your social security number, your bank accounts?

And, it’s available anywhere – via Wi-Fi. 🙂

If only there was a social-network standard. Like AT&T of the past, yes, it was a monopoly, but what unfolded was one of the greatest telecommunications infrastructures in the world.

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