Couple tips for Twitter newbs

My friend and former Creativity professor (yes, that was a class for my advertising degree) Assaf Avni just joined Twitter [@assafavni]. I’m excited to be able to keep up with what he’s up to. So he will get the best out of Twitter, I wrote a him a list of things to do/watchout for. … here’s the list perhaps it will be helpful to yall too.

  • twit messes up quite a bit. doesnt post, late post, no sms, no tracking, etc
  • when you setup your mobile device, whether you follow anyone to your phone or not, you want to send “track assafavni” to twitter (40404). doing this will send you SMS notifications anytime someone says your name who you are not following, very handy, must do this (but beware sometimes when twitter is overloard it doesnt work and you will still miss messages)
  • Summize is a great twitter search tool and you can use it to search for your username to see if anyone was talking to you that you missed
  • setup Twitterfeed to autopost to twitter anytime you post to your blog
  • install the facebook twitter app and allow it to sync your status
  • search for people you think are cool and follow them 🙂 then talk to them, really
  • import your gmail contact list (click Find and Follow)
  • get an unlimited text messaging plan
  • update frequently, people really do care, even about minutia
  • download Twhirl for desktop Twitter client
  • if you post often to flicker from your mobile, setup Snaptweet
  • now, go read Melissa Sconyers’ post on twitter to get the real details

Am I forgetting anything???

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