Hotspot Shield on blocked from China IP

The Great Firewall of China is really killing me today.

I’ve been using HotSpot Shield for the last couple weeks, but a few days before Chinese National Day (Sept 1) things went kaput.

I heard about from a buddy here and have use that to look at Facebook a couple times, but it’s kinda of a pain in the ass. I’m using to look at twitter, but, without TweetDeck, what’s the point?

I Googled Hotspot Shield the other day and I swear my Internet went out until I released and renewed my IP. I’ve heard the same thing from other students here. So this time I went right to and searched Hotspot Shield. When I got to the page I clicked this link to download version 0.942-2 for Mac and… what do you know, “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.”

After clicking the link about six more times, finally used and pasted the address. (Using a proxy to download a proxy, that’s almost meta.)

The download was successful via NinjaCloak, but Hotspot Shield still doesn’t work (I now think it’s because I was watching too many videos and HotSpot decided I wasn’t worth helping because of all the bandwidth I was taking up.)

Admittedly, I haven’t given much effort to getting connected. I suppose I could do all kinds of stuff to get this working …like setting up my own proxy. Or, I don’t know, asking my cool tech friends about what they do. But, you know, I’m realizing I kinda like not worrying about what the world is doing. I kinda like that I don’t have the ability to Tweet from my iPhone every time something cool happens.

I like to boast about not owning a TV. And, I take pride in having no clue what 24 is about, or MadMen, or any other show like that. But, really, Facebook and Twitter are the same damn thing. Just stories. Things for us to keep up with.

It’s nice being disconnected. Who knew. Everything in moderation.

UPDATE: HotSpot Shield seems to be working fine from China now. You can download it by clicking the link above. If HotSpot still doesn’t work for you, and it did before, they (HotSpot) might have blocked your computer because you’ve been streaming too many videos or some other bandwidth intensive task. You might try uninstalling HotSpot, resetting your browser (google it), and then reinstalling. Or, if you’re there for any length of time, get a VPN, it’s simple and only cost like 50 bucks. I use Witopia. Cheers.

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  1. The other solution of course is to leave that shit whole called China, leave them to stew in their own juices, at least if all the foreigners leave they will have to find someone else to blame their problems on.

    1. Ay, guy. Have you ever been to China. It’s not that bad. And I don’t know what your talking about with them blaming their problems on foreigners that live here. China is still a third world country, of course they have problems.

      Do you know how much American currency China owns? I assume your American.

      1. John, for your reference China isn’t a 3rd world country. Actually China never was considered a “3rd world country” at all. Common misconception.

  2. I’m moving to Xi’an for 5 months to study there. I’m really hoping Skype works. I’m not looking to use the SkypeOut or In feature. Just plain old webcam chatting. Is that possible? Also, what tips do you have for an American living in China? Anything I should bring that I won’t find there?

    1. hey! yeah, i have no doubt skype will work fine from there with nothing special (besides high-speed internet).

      as for other tips. my iphone has been incredibly useful — on it i have a chinese-english dictionary, google maps, and a phrase book. if you dont have an iphone, maybe consider getting a iPod Touch. seriously, the dictionary i have on my iPhone is so useful (i use DianHua with the voice extension). iPod touches are like $200, right? that’s just a little more than the price of a good stand alone electronic chinese-english dictionary. why not just buy an iPod T? … what else? if there are things you specifically have questions about please ask away.

      tim ferris has some good tips on things, i especially want the towel he recommends.

  3. Hey I’m from Canada living in Shenzhen long term now.

    I use Surfbouncer. It’s a pay to use program, twice the price of witopia. I may have to check that one out when my Surfbouncer account expires. Anyone else reading you need to be careful with the free ones, there’s usually a catch.

  4. Hi, I’m a foreign student in Beijing right now. I and another foreign student tried to download Hotspot, but the website won’t open. Do you know how we can download it? I tried your tip, to use Ninjacloak to enter the Hotspot website to download it, but it won’t either. I can’t afford to pay for a vpn. Thank you for your help!

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