I really want to make an iPhone app that…

I really want to make an iPhone app that helps people create sentences in Chinese.

Here’s the minimum viable product:

  • 1. Search for a word or phrase like you would in any Chinese dictionary app.
  • 2. Save it.
  • 3. Search for another word or phrase.
  • 4. Save it….
  • 5. Once you have all the words you want to use in a list, click Make A Sentence.
  • 6. New page. Empty text field at the top. All your words or phrases are below. Drag and drop them into the correct order.
  • 7. You can now copy and paste your new sentence into a text message or email. Or, just say it.


  • 3 thoughts on “I really want to make an iPhone app that…”

      1. yeah, goog is doing pretty well with their translation tools. but, i still can’t just type in an english sentence and get it back in perfect chinese. it’s good at words and phrases and giving me a general understanding of whatever i paste in.

        there are a couple basic sentence structures in chinese. if i could have those shown to me as a template, then i could drag some words or phrases in place.

    1. For those app developers that don’t know Objective-C and Cocoa Touch and don’t want to outsource development, check out localbeacon (an iphone app builder) at http://www.bigforge.com. Great for those who want to build just one app or developers interested in white label. Full integration of Twitter and Facebook.

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