Is ubuyibuy buying Likes? Do others do this as well?

Now that ubuyibuy’s Facebook page (which had 130,000+ Likes) is down, they’ve created another one: … now at 19 fans.

I clicked one of the people who liked ubuyibuy’s new page. They live in Pennsylvania. Ok, possible. But they also have liked 1147 pages. Who likes that many pages? I’m pretty active on facebook, and pretty keen to like things I actually, um, like. I’m at 189 likes.

So, is there an underground liking-ring that I don’t know about?

5 thoughts on “Is ubuyibuy buying Likes? Do others do this as well?”

  1. Dear John,

    This is not uBuyiBuy’s page. I also left a comment on the page to advise people not to like the page. This is definitely a competitor trying to sabotage us and impersonate us. We are working on the issue and hope to have it resolved shortly. Thank you

    Danny Yeung

  2. Dear John,

    We had brought the attention of our fake facebook page to facebook which they immediately shut down. Also, we had figured out the reason via response from facebook on why our facebook fans page was inadvertently disabled for the weekend. It was due to our profile name not matching with a real person, I wish facebook would of at least given us a warning about this. I do have to say Facebook was very quick to restore the account as they restored it once it was USA working hours. It was a very minor thing and glad it was resolved so quickly. In case anyone is interested, the email is from facebook.

    Hi ,

    We noticed that the profile held under this email address is being used to maintain a Facebook presence for a brand, business, group, or organization. Facebook profiles are intended to represent individuals only, and it is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to use Profiles to represent any other entities.

    If you do not have a personal Facebook account, please sign up for a new one at and add yourself as an admin for all your Facebook Pages. This profile must be an authentic representation of yourself but not of your company.

    Be assured that the people who connect with your Pages will not be able to see or access to your personal profile. Any actions that you take as a Page administrator on your Page will show the Page’s name as the actor and not your personal name.

    After that, please deactivate or delete the current account that is in violation of our policy.

    Complete these steps within the coming week. Please be aware that we enforce the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities appropriately when we encounter violations on the site or receive reports of violations. If accounts like this currently exist on the site, it is only because they have not yet been reported and removed.

    If you have additional questions regarding Facebook products and features, feel free to visit our Help Center at the following address:

    Thanks for your understanding,

    User Operations

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