Just signed up for a Guided account with…

Just signed up for a Guided account with @ChinesePod. chinesepod logo

I’ll be using it to keep up my Chinese skills while I’m back in the US for a month or so. Seems like a very cool service.

6 thoughts on “Just signed up for a Guided account with…”

  1. This is cool already. I just got a call some a woman at ChinesePod. She was scheduling my first lesson.

    Though, I think I just told her to sign me up for the Executive plan (USD$200/month) because I thought it was free for a month… oops. I clicked a link that said “Take a free Executive Plan demo!” and filled out the short form without reading anything. For some reason I just interpreted the verbiage as a free month. Oh well, guess I can tell my teacher, Helen, tomorrow (at 16:30).

  2. Already really liking ChinesePod. Loaded up my feed with lots of lessons I’m excited about. Downloading all the material via iTunes now. I didn’t know iTunes would download PDFs and everything. I thought I would only be getting audio.

  3. I’m one more who will follow your assessment of how that is going. I am doing the reverse – I signed up for ChinesePod as a beginner, after reading and listening to mp3 for a month or two, and next year if I am in China for long enough I will take a class at a University.

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