Know any good UI designers in Austin?

To follow up on my last post, we had drinks with the AustinGo guys. They’re working hard on the site – I told them a list of places to post for jobs. They need Plone developers.

On that note, I’m always surprised with how little people know about what is going on in the city.

I was watching DEMO the other day and discovered a new Austin startup: Voyant Inc., purveyors of Voyant @Home. It’s a downloadable java app that allows you to create a financial time line for yourself and/or family. meh.

It’s not like (a service that connects to all your financial accounts and creates pretty graphs to tell you when you’ve spent to much eating out, etc.)- you have to enter everything manually. I love time lines, but they have to be pretty. That makes them fun to use. My friend Michael had me watch a TED video of JJ Abrams, in it he says how he loves Apple computers because they are so beautiful. It’s like they look at you and say “what are you going to write worthy of me.” Needless to say, Voyant @Home is not really fun to use this time around.

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