More fun in Austin

Recap of a great Memorial Day weekend

  • Went on a 2 hour bike ride with Jon and Will – rode our bikes from the UT campus to the greenbelt at 360
  • Danced up a storm, jumped in Barton Springs at 4am-ish with @cesart, @jon100, @rockgirl, @gloriakt, @imdane SEE DANE’S FLICKR
  • Startup Drinks at Cork and Co was great – excellent conversation all around, most notably with @jdhouse4, Rajat, and @damon
  • Rode down 2222 from Mount Bonnell on bikes+flaming torches with Will Roman (the photos below i stole from Will’s flickr stream – thanks man)
  • Went cliff diving with a ton of Twitters SEE KRISTINE’S POST
  • Cliff Jumping, Austin from Kristine Gloria on Vimeo.

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