My answer to Bill Gates

Today I logged in to a freshly redesigned and saw this question by one of my favorite people, Bill:


How can we do more to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology?


As a millennial, I can tell you exactly how.

Bolster our *existing* young/outspoken leaders in science and technology. Help them be leaders, then allow them to talk. The younger the better, our youth have to be able to empathize with the person they are listing to. If they can see an inclining of themselves within that person then you have a chance. “If s/he can do it, so can I.” Open up.

Please don’t even try with a traditional media company or traditional media outlets. It has to be peer2peer — and you’d better hurry up because trust there will be gone soon like the rest.

Romanticize those leaders.

You, Bill, have the ability to do this. And I believe you will. Please keep asking questions and talking. You’re a leader, you have an obligation. Thanks for realizing that.

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