New Austin Startup – QikCom, Travis VanderZanden

The founder of just swung into Conjunctured. Travis VanderZanden is a really nice guy. He just moved here from San Diego 8 months ago and has been bootstrapping his startup since May.

Glad to have him in Austin.  Welcome Travis.

QikCom is looking to  hire PHP developers asap (plus for interface design experience) and perhaps some Rails guys. Hit ’em up if that sounds like you thing. Full time and contract.

What is QikCom? At first glance it’s Yammer (newsfeed/twitter for groups), and a little more. Two cools things: 1.) all security features are free (this is where Yammer is hoping to monetize) and 2.) add-ons can install on-top of the app — not sure how all this is going towork API-wise, but he’s definitely thinking.

UPDATE: QikCom was acquired by Yammer in early 2009.

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  1. Mr. John Metcalf, looked @ your Conjuncture bio and out of the 4 of you young men that have started this business enterprise may I say congratulations or “Mozel Tov ! “. The reason I've selected you to maybe share this with the rest of your co-workers next time you meet over a cup of coffee or perhaps a stronger after-work drink in celebration of your definite pending success . It did my heart good to discover your site and read about you after a night of studying with my rabbi on Shabbat evening (Saturday) . I have two son's about your ages and it's very interesting to hear what your doing for the community and I'm sure your labor and efforts will NOT go unrewarded…as long as you operate it as men of integrity and “reason together”…maybe some day when you see a old senior citizen among your meetings listening and smiling I'm sure you'll realize it might just be me. Shalom, my very inspiring entrepreneurs and may the YAHWEH of Avraham,Jacov, and Isaac richly bless your endeavors and give you guidance and shalom ! (peace)…L.j. Siebeneicher steward of ” the EnCrafted Word ” in Austin,Texas @ 10:37 p.m. on 1/24/09

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