Photo Sharing 2.?

Liesel Pollvogt of Tabblo, on

Tabblo is a site you use if you want to tell a story or do something meaningful around a group of photos. The idea is to give people a really easy way to combine text and pictures in an attractive layout, and then give you various options for sharing that content with specific people only or the world at large.

I love the idea of using photos to tell a story. Especially when I’m on vacation, I wish my digital camera would allow me to attach a voice-note or message to one or a set of pictures. When I got home, I would spend less time trying to remember: what did the tour guide say about this building, what’s the name of this beach.

If I had that ability, the next step would be integration with something like Tabblo: Dock my Tabblo-enabled camera >> it brings up all the photos, and the notes >> I add some more notes >> pick a template of sorts >> set privacy >> send them up to the site >> all my subscribers receive a ping that I have new photos. Someone please do this, just let me know about it.

radar might have the jump. They don’t need to reinvent the digital camera, voice-notes and text are already capabilities of most cameraphones.

Does someone know a good word for: a story created with photos?

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