Quick Idea: Google Alerts to RSS to About-Me Page

I’ve always liked the idea of http://claimid.com. “On your claimID page, you can create a profile of all the sites that comprise your identity.” Michelle Greer puts it’s nicely on her page, “ClaimID lets me show you who I am and what I’ve done versus just telling you. That’s why I like it.”

Michelle’s page for example has links to posts related to marketing campaigns she’s worked on, articles she’s been quoted in, articles that talk about her specifically, etc.

ClaimID never took off. Michelle could be doing the same thing on her blog with just a page and some bulleted lists.

There are lots of nifty things that ClaimID does that I won’t get into. I’ve never used the service much because it doesn’t solve any real pain points for me. Externally the site is just a place for users to have bulleted lists.

ClaimID got me thinking about this several years ago; and some recent work has brought it up again.

Not sure if the mock-up is legible. The key is: track things (in this case about yourself), then as they come in, toss them into buckets, display some on a claimID style page, burry others or mark them as not relevant.

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