Recalling SXSW – Day 2

I had to do some work in the morning. Didn’t get out of the house until like 2pm.

Cesar, Matt and I went to Whole Foods for lunch with the notanmba guys and Eric from – his site is about how to shoot great baby pics, though, I’ve been watching the videos to laugh and learn more about photography. Eric has a great sense of humor – the videos crack me up. Then we walked to GSD&M’s Idea City where Bar Camp was being held. Went to a panel on coworking led by Julie and Alex.

Afterwards I met Joyce Bettencourt who was filming the coworking session with her N95. Joyce was really nice and fun to talk to. She works, I believe, primarily at a nonprofit in New York. She is a blogger and virtural words disgner – very cool.

We went downstairs and Joyce introduced me to Gwen Bell. I told her briefly about Conjunctured and she told me a bit about TechStars, Socialthing! and Startup Weekend. Gwen has beautiful glossy business cards which I proceeded to write scratch notes on as we talked – she winced a little and ask me if I wanted paper. I declined.

From here we headed straight to the google party at light bar. Out front we saw Mark Mims. We met Jon there and where able to walk right in. Thank goodness to, the line was around the block.

There I met John from and Cycfoundation. He is from Austin! I was stoked. John does some work with semantics – excited to get some people together for a meeting about this.

From here we all headed to the Frog Design party. Dusty and I beat everyone there because we took a petty cab! Outside I met The Ice Cream Man and he told me about his idea to give away free ice cream for like 6 years. He said “I came to a point in my life when I realized I can do anything I want. So I decided I wanted to be THE ice cream man.” Pretty sweeet! What can I say, I love the guy.

The party was held at the Mexican American cultural center – it’s a beautiful place. There were fire dancers, tons of people all dressed up, live music, and other shows and stuff. Jon and I walked up stairs to find an extremely long drink line – wait for a drink was like an 45mins to an hour. I don’t care if it’s free, that’s just stupid long. I went to the bathroom and came out to find Jon talking with some girls in line. Turns out there where from Texas – 2 from Austin, 1 from Denton. To be continued…

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