Recalling SXSWi – Day 0


Went and had dinner with Drew and Todd from – they had just gotten in town. We were following their trip here on twitter so it was fun to then join in the story we (@Cesart and I) had been watching.

From there we went to the Continental Club and watch some crazy “psychedelic folk” band with a woman singer. I really enjoyed it. Was laughing a lot. After her came a Blues jam with Charlie Sexton. Evidently he is famous. No idea.


There was however a famous person in the room. Lance Armstrong and his posse were stage right watching the show. Some tall skinny white girl wearing flats was dancing dirty with him. No idea who he is dating. There were also some older men in his group who were dancing up a storm. And a guy or two who may have been his brother(s). They all seemed to get pretty wasted. Towards the end the girl and lance were all over each other. So yeah, they were more fun to watch than the band.

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