Recalling SXSWi – Day 1

Had a bagel & banana for breakfast at Jo’s at 7am with Todd, Cesar, and Jon….Cesar and I got our badges. Went down stairs, saw iJustine and took a pic with her. She had to pee so we let her go.


(dang I’m excited – smiling so big my gums show, I hate when I do that)

In the conference center we stopped to play with legos for a sec and John Poisson (tiny pictures/ founder) popped up. We were both rockin the radar hoodie – I actually wore more the whole week. I really miss talking to the radar peeps. John knows his shit. We went out a few days later and had a great convo. btw if you want a similar radar t-shirt just email em


Went to lunch at Las Manitas for the tweetup. There I met the Maestro of Utterz, Simeon Margolis (I had no idea he was a co-founder until just now). Tony Katz and his business partner-cant remember his name. Met orchid8 for the first time – twitter friend. Started seeing people with their N95s. Austin funny man/tech geek Omar was there – loved running in to him all week and laughing to his commentary on twitter. Talked with Simeon for quite a while about promoting to the youth market – really was a great conversation, he was very interested, listened well, and was totally humble. Gonna have to talk with that guy again. Met David – twitter friend who is at UT. Started following laughingsquid – turns out there were always at the same places as us but we had no idea what the guy looked like. Connie Reese and palls were there. Also, somewhere in between @Davidhwalker came and gave Cesar and I our new Conjunctured business cards. Damn, they are hot.

conjunctured business cards

Went to a panel on how to Rawk Southby. It kinda sucked. Afterwards we went to the stage and I gave Matt Mullenweg a high-five for creating wordpress. We talked to him about growing up in Houston, etc. Was a very nice guy. Cesar and I took a photo with him.

Matt Mullenweg

Oh man, we met the icanhascheezburger guys – they are so freekin cool! We talked to them about coworking for a while and them opening a space in Hawaii After that we went and waited for a bit for Tim Ferriss. He got done but needed to go get something or someone. So he proceeded to put down his stuff and run off. In the mean time I got kissed on the cheek by a toasty MJ (some girl who is supposedly internet famous. Never heard of her, but she was real drunk all week).

mj girl

Tim came back as we talked outside the auditorium for like 30 mins. He had sent a tweet earlier about how grackles were whooping like meth addicts at 3am. And that he wanted a shotgut. Evidently he was staying down town where there was a large collection of those foul birds.

When Tim left he put on his backpack and orange jacket and did a little jump kick maneuver. Then ran off. He just looks like a highly tuned machine.

Went to Champions by the convention center with Cesar and Kara Soluri – really happy about meeting Kara. Thom Singer, Ash, and Eric showed up for a while too. Champions is lame btw. But we knew that.

Kara left and Cesar and I went to his car and drove to the Coworking meetup at the hotel san jose. There were a ton of people there I wanted to meet, and I did. …to be continued.

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