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I had no idea there were so many people in Austin who know so much about the Semantic Web. Even more, I had no idea we had several stealth companies working on a semantic offering.

Here are some pic Michelle Greer took of the Semantic Web Austin Launch Party last week. Lynn Bender and Geek Austin kick ass for helping put this on. The SWA (is that the official acronym?) is lead by Texas Ph D student and Semantic Web Evanglist, Juan Sequeda, and John De Olivera, Executive Director of the Cyc Foundation.

Quick note about the Cyc Foundation. From their website, this what what they do:

The Cyc Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment and utilization of the open source portions of the Cyc knowledge base—the world’s largest repository of machine-readable, common-sense knowledge. In this role, we will work with others to expand these resources, educate developers and increase general awareness of the potential applications of the technology.

From Wikipedia, about Cyc:

Cyc is an artificial intelligence project that attempts to assemble a comprehensive ontology and database of everyday common sense knowledge, with the goal of enabling AI applications to perform human-like reasoning.

As we move completely away from web2-0. We’re really lucky to have the Cyc Foundation and Cycorp with their 20+ years of gov funded research here in Austin.

Firefox set a world record that day with 8 million downloads.

How much do you know about the Semantic Web : How much do you contribute to the web.

Full house. Looks like Troy is doing a double take of something.

Juan and JohnDeo open up the event.

Troy Williams, founder of PeoplePad and formerly Questia talked about what the semantic web is to him, how he sees it, how it will be useful, etc. Was a great opener as the night slowly got more technical. (i know, i know. there is porn on the wall. i didnt pick the room. it’s some back room at a big bar.)

Cesar Torres and Dusty Reagan of Conjunctured on the outside.

Dewey Gaedcke of Founder of Minggl in skyblue

Lot of Proffs and researchers who asked high level questions.

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