The number one reason why I love the Austin Startup Community

I’m not sure if y’all know this, ohh my 50 visitors, but the Startup Community in Austin has a hawt group of g33k girls!! (just look at that sweet, blue VC Wear tee, “Your Mom is not a test market.“)

These are the twitter’n, text messagin, geek loven, iPwn sportin, black boxy glasses wearin, nerd babes of Waggener Edstrom.

As you can see here they’re always busy in meetings and twittering things like “Beauty bar I just got hit on in the women’s bathroom!” from @gloriakt (the scenester looking one in black) and “I am wearing my iPhoneDevCamp shirt tomorrow, you wear your BarCamp shirt and we’ll see who gets the most dudes… ;-)” from @keelyanne (stripes, cardigan and dual tone hair) and finally “I’m in!! @gloriakt you better come tonight since you missed all the spooner action last night” from @kmclarty (PINK – w/ cunning elf ear showing in second and third pics).

Above, in pow-wow fashion, likely twitting about @whurley‘s upcoming escapades or the next Austin Startup Drinks.

…So, here you have it. Bring it on girls!

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