Texas Creative – Update, I’m in!

The application for the Texas Creative sequence was due today. After having a week to think about the prompt. I had soo many concepts (below).

Background: the purpose of the creative application is to let the texas creative faculty see your ideas and evaluate your potential for our program. the program consists of three to four semesters in portfolio classes, beginning with ADV 343K (portfolio I) and moving through ADV468K (portfolio II) and ADV 468L (portfolio III). we also offer a couple of focused seminars. each step in the program has a high attrition rate, which means you advance only if you create excellent work in the preceding class. the competition is fierce, as is the pressure to produce outstanding work for a nationally recognized creative program. our goal is to graduate people with advanced portfolios who are advertising smart in copywriting and art direction. these will be the people who find jobs at the best agencies in the world. this is an assignment. you need to provide an answer to our question:

well, where does it hurt?

When I saw this I was like “what, what does that even mean.” We were supposed to respond in a “smart, clear, conceptual way” in 11″ x 17″ format. Also they said, “this isn’t an arts and crafts project… spend time inside your brain creating the message.” SO. Where does it hurt? I just started writing everything I could think of: feet, sunburn, eyes, puppies, blood, tears, poor, mexico, gas prices, my ears, concerts, money, drugs, pain… must have written 150 words/statements all over this piece of printer paper (brainstorming). A big help was discussing the task with my cousins over our weekly dinner. Francesca was sharp. …This morning I woke up at 10am (due at 12pm), I still couldn’t decide what I was going to turn in. So, I went back to sleep. At 11am I got up because I couldn’t hold my bladder any longer. On my way down the hall I remembered a dream in which Assaf (the TA) told me not to use my top choice, gas prices. Then, while I was peeing, the concept came to me (Aha!) It was soo simple yet could convey so much. First, let’s look at the process.

-Updated May 17th, 2006-


Makes you eyes hurt...


Gas Prices Hurt!

Gasin up!

More Gas!!!

Gas Kills.

After dreaming that Assaf, the TA, told me not to do the above “Gas Kills” responce, I chose this (btw the sketch below was my first draft, I pulled it out of the trash to scan it):


EDIT, I’m in: It was Monday, May 15th. I was in the FAC working with my group on our Advertising Research Project. I checked my and email and what do you know! Maria Rivera says I’m in! Yay! I’m really excited, even though this means updating my plans for the next year or so…

And that’s it. Creative Portfolio, here I come!

EDIT, I’m out: Three days into the class I discovered it wasn’t what I anticipated — good try Texas.

If I had never got in, I would have never genuinely acknowledged that it wasn’t for me.

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