Thinking differently about work, as a Millennial

I realize there is a difference between the way I think and the way, it seems, others think. This is specifically related to business relationships and personal brands. Is it generational? Perhaps it’s only really related to technological adoption? Regardless…

People might say, Twitter and Facebook are toys people use to keep up with friends and family. Updating things like Facebook take too much time.

To me, the people I work with should be my Facebook friends. If they use Twitter, I hope to follow them there too. I don’t see such a thick seperation between “life” and work.

I have a personal brand that I maintain. I have a domain ( where things that shape that personal brand feed into. This includes quick, short updates about my life from Twitter and/or Facebook, my resume from LinkedIn, and long form thoughts/posts from my blog. I might also include links to my photos from Flickr or Facebook, or videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube (generally these have been captured with my phone).

Regardless of the company I work for, I have my own personal vision, mission statement, and ethics. While they may not be as sculpted as a corporate mission statement, I’ve developed these and thought about these since college. I hope to have a personal brand that is so strong, and enough connections, or friends, that people will want to work with me even as an individual, should I become unemployed. To me, working for a corporation or firm means they are so good, that I will learn so much from working there, so much I could never learn on my own, that I commit completely and passionately to to that company. I expect a company to want and expect me to have a personal brand. A personal brand that I will humbly place under their larger brand. I expect to feel apart of that larger brand, a part of a larger team, working for a larger purpose. I expect the company I work for to use it’s size and strength to effect positive change or give back in some way to the world; and I expect the company to offer me opportunities to participate in their philanthropic efforts.

My verbiage is often “the company I work with” as opposed to “…work for.”

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