Visage One

Sitting at Visage One, single person barber shop by day little known eclectic music venue by night, and remembering the beauty of live music. Something I realize I took for granted living in Austin for so many years. In Austin I love so much places like Swan Dive, The Elephant Room and wherever the Spazmatics play. Slowly I think we are finding great places to enjoy live music here in Hong Kong. So far, Visage One is definitely top of the list.

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  1. I’d be interested to hear more updates about good live music venues in Hong Kong (if you are taking requests, that is). I spent a few weeks there recently and noticed that there wasn’t much of a live music scene, at least on the surface. Like you, I’ve also lived in Austin, where it difficult NOT to see a band, so it was a strange experience.

    I found your site (great site btw) while researching the Hong Kong taxi licensing system. Do you happen to know how the $650 per day fee is broken down? Car rental, license rental, etc?

    1. Cool. Hey Nate. I’ll try and list more as I find them I pretty much rely on friends at the moment. One friend here (who is also from Texas) knows all the places. I can connect you to if you’d like.

      I don’t know about the break down. I think it’s just car rental but I’m not sure. The licenses and the cars as I understand it are held/owned by a larger company (or triad, as the rumor goes) and the drivers just rent the car for the 650 price. Seems like there would be some insurance they would have to buy too. … I’ll ask next time I have a good English speaker.

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