Walkandtalk meeting with Austin Mayor Will Wynn

Today I ran into Mayor Will Wynn on 5th street. I asked if I could walk and talk with him. Per my tweets afterwards, here’s what happened:

  • Me w/ 1 minute version of our plans for a Startup District: startups in close proximity = innovation, attraction for Austin, reclaim our diminishing spot as the number 2 location for startups, proposed east side location because of price, light rail.
  • Mayor: the city has been talking about something like that for 10 years now. No one has taken the lead.
  • Mayor: you better get to know the neighborhood planning committee (for the east side)
  • Maor: what kind of startups are you talking about.
  • Me: internet, digital media, gaming, etc. – not silicon, not enterprise software
  • Mayor: talk to the emerging technology fund at their next open meeting and propose the idea. It’s in line with what they want. and there are funds there (Kristine Gloria thanks for finding the link).
  • Me: staring at Will Wynn as he walks off  ::Our mayor is a sharp dresser. I gotta remember to take pictures with people::

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