What johnerik is passionate about :) – thanks @imdane

After seeing Gary Vaynerchuck last week Dane and I decided we were going to started video blogging… I haven’t started yet, but I have been watching Dane’s. His first post asks people what they are passionate about. I started writing a long comment and decided I’d just post it here and link to Dane. Here goes.


I love the language of enthusiasm. I live for it. For excitement. That’s really what attracts me to technology startups and the people involved in them.

Mission #1: Mercilessly beating and outsmarting life; forcing it to bend into the reality I choose.

How I’m doing this:

  • I’m constantly on the hunt for people with gusto. When I find them, we stick together.
  • I compete with these people each day to see who’s created the most value or done something ridiculous.
  • Follow me on twitter or via my blog to keep up. 🙂

Mission #2: Making damn sure Austin is technologically progressive and competitive.

How I’m doing this:

50,000ft Mission: Eliminate inequality with empathy and technology.

General Passions: increasing people’s self-confidence …promoting empathy (talking about why it’s important), critical thinking and awareness, spearheading conceptual ideas, building relationships

I encourage you to go check out Dane’s posts (videos and others) – they make me crack up. Also, you might look into buying The Alchemist.

(BTW, @girk took the picture above when we were in Australia in 2006 :))

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