Yanticaw Brook Street

I’m at my parent’s house in San Antonio. It’s good to spend time with the fam. I’ll be here till after the new year.

So far: My dad is restoring a ’78 280Z for my cousin (today we he painted it red). We went to the Tractor Supply store yesterday to get some cat food, but the cats won’t eat it. Went to movies with my mom – Juno is wonderful – so is my mom. Ate tons of homemade pizza tonight (I’ll prob have it for breakfast). Stayed up till 5am last night talking to my dad. I haven’t showered in two days, but I’m still flossing.

Even though my mom is on Twitter, uses Radar and loves to spy on all my cousins with Facebook and MySpace, they don’t have internet – she always uses my grandma’s (who also uses Radar and wants me to set her up with a Facebook account) – so I’ve been tethering my Sprint Mogul with my laptop. Turns out it works awesome.

One of many takeaways from being here: Maintain your daily routines wherever you are.

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